One More Shot


**Winner of Best Project at MIFF 37SOUTH 2022**

1999. NYE. At a swanky beach house, 36 year old Minnie discovers a bottle of time travelling tequila. Each shot takes her back to the start of the night - giving her a bottle’s worth of shots to change the course of her millennium.

After fulfilling her ambition of becoming an anaesthetist, Minnie has a freight train realisation it has come at the cost of her personal life. Is it too late for a family? Maybe there’s hope - old flame Joe is coming back from NYC to ring in Y2K with their university friends.

But her plan to rekindle the relationship is derailed when Joe brings back a new girlfriend and proposes at the stroke of midnight. Heartbroken, Minnie hits the tequila. When she takes a shot she’s transported back in time to the start of the party. Fate has given her a chance to win back Joe!

With every shot things get worse. No matter what she does, she can’t escape herself, and ultimately must learn to live with the consequences of her choices.

The film uses a fresh take on a familiar sub-genre to create a fun ride full of laughs and OMG moments, but at its core tells a dramatic story focussed on the emotional journey of our hero Minnie.

One More Shot is a film that asks the question, does a woman have to tear the fabric of time and space to have it all?

Directed by: Nicholas Clifford

Written by: Alice Foulcher & Greg Erdstein

Produced by: Truce Films & Goodthing Productions

Status: In Development

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